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Vehicle History Check in Spain

Why do I need a used car check report?

There are many reasons why you should always buy a car check report before purchasing or selling a vehicle.


I need a Vehicle History Report because...


- I want to know if the vehicle I want to buy has a discrepancy and can be legally transferred to my name


- I want to know if the vehicle I want to sell has a hidden history and will not have any problem to be transferred to the buyer


- I want to know if the vehicle I sold has been already registered into the new owner's name (Peace of mind).


- I want to know if the vehicle I want to buy has any debt (non paid taxes, traffic fines, embargoes, etc...)


- I have lost or I have been stolen the documents of my vehicle and I "compulsory" need an OFFICIAL vehicle check history report in order to go to the ITV (MOT) center and get a duplicate: Carcheckspain report is official


- I want to know the official history and technical details of my spanish vehicle (car, motorbike, lorry, boat...) and I also want to make sure the vehicle matches with the official history at the Spanish Traffic Office


- I want to sell my vehicle and I want to proof it is legal and has not a discrepancy

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1 in 3 used car checks shows adverse history

With 1 in 3 vehicles checked turns out to be subject to an outstanding finance agreement or to an unpaid debts (Road Tax, embargoes, etc...). This is currently poses one of the biggest dangers facing car buyers today in SPAIN. If the loan or tax is unpaid you do not have "good title" to it meaning the vehicle cannot be transferred.


Vehicle documents renewal

If you loose your vehicle documents (proof of ownership and/or ITV document) you necessarily need to get an official vehicle report in order to get an ITV check and renew your documents. Carcheckspain is the report you need.

When will I receive my Vehicle Check Report?

Your car registration check will be displayed the same day you ask for it. It normally takes less than an hour.


Do we guarantee our vehicle check results?

We offer the only Official Spanish Vehicle Check Report which includes information from the SPANISH TRAFFIC OFFICE  database.

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