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Buying & Selling a vehicle in Spain


When buying a second-hand used car it is important to see originals of all the paperwork. This is particularly important when buying privately, to ensure that the person selling the car has the right to sell it. Be sure to match the name on the paperwork to those on the sellers' personal identification document.

Once the sale is agreed, the seller provides the following:

  • Vehicle registration document (Permiso de Circulación)

  • Proof of roadworthiness (a valid ITV test certificate)

  • Receipt for municipal vehicle tax (Impuesto Municipal sobre Vehículos de Tracción Mecánica)

  • Personal identification such as an NIE/DNI card (plus photocopy for the buyer)

The buyer and seller should draw up a sale agreement (Contrato de Compraventa). DOWNLOAD HERE FOR FREE. Either should note the details of the vehicle, names of buyer and seller, the sale price agreed and date and time that the transfer takes place (this final point is so that if there are traffic fines associated with the vehicle they can be assigned to the correct person).

The buyer provides a transfer of ownership form which is signed by the buyer and the seller. It is a duplicate form with the buyer and seller each keeping a copy.

The buyer must register the vehicle in their name at the vehicle registry (Registro de Vehículos) at the local traffic department (Jefatura de Tráfico).

This transfer of the vehicle's registration document must be made within 15 days of purchase. The cost of the transfer is currently 4 or 8 percent of the value of the vehicle, however if a buyer chooses to use the help of a gestor, the buyer will pay an additional fee for this service.

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It is very important that a History Check is made on the vehicle before you buy it. This is the Spanish equivalent to an HPI check in England. This check is important in Spain because just  previous owners debts can be put on the vehicle. This can include unpaid social security, unpaid loans and taxes. The debts may stay with the vehicle, so it is now the responsibility of the new owner to clear them.
If you have any concerns regarding a Spanish vehicle you may have purchased privately, we would be happy to check out the history for you, and offer Official HPI checks on Spanish registered vehicles. GET  YOUR REPORT CLICKING HERE.

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